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Operation Seagull

This book is not currently available as it is under contract with a publisher. Watch this space for details.
A huge confidence trick is being prepared to persuade the Nazis that there is an anti-gravity weapon in development at a secret location in an island of the Outer Hebrides. The objective is to deploy this supposed device as a Trojan horse to infiltrate the German secret research facility for super-weapons and new weapons of war in a remote Bavarian underground location.
SOE Captain Archie Wellings and his wife Jenny lead a task force to infiltrate into the Stahlheim laboratories and, in an unexpected twist, to force its closure for several months without causing a single death but devastating the development of German super-weapons threatening the Allies.
A potentially dark tale is told with great ingenuity and more than a touch of humour.

Comments from beta-readers
Rex Last has assembled all the best ingredients for an absorbing novel. There is a large helping of well-scripted German history with many twists and turns, together with a seasoning of suspense, mixed with doses of humour and a good pinch of romance and sex. The result is a hugely enjoyable experience. MH

This is a most enjoyable tale, well written, with touches of humour and drama in equal amounts. The short chapters make the reader want to read on and one is richly rewarded with an exciting and interesting plot and characters. I want to see the film! LG

(A fourth volume, Distant Cousin, is nw published. It is mainly set in Berlin, 1945.)

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