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Making Sense of Poetry - 2

Following on the very positive reception of Making Sense of Poetry, this new guide focuses on the ‘unseen poems’ test which features in English examinations, but it also serves as a follow-on from the first volume, examining the process of analysing a poem in greater depth. Poets range from Milton to the nineteenth-century poetess Anna Laetitia Barbauld.

The whole approach is interactive, with readers en­couraged not just to sit back and read but to work out for themselves the answers to the examples in the text before checking the model responses at the back of the guide. Readers are also encouraged to read poetry widely, as this is one of the key routes for making progress in this subject, and the guide contains a list of anthologies, etc., which can point them in the right direction.

Table of Contents

​ Reviews of Volume one – Making Sense of Poetry
​ About the Author
​ Acknowledgements
​ Chapter one – First steps
​ Interlude one – Name that poem
​ Chapter two – Getting up early
​ Interlude two – Name these poems
​ Chapter three – Anna Barbauld and the mystery building
​ Chapter four – The death of Heraclitus
​ Interlude three – The language of the past
​ Chapter Five – Total nonsense?
​ Chapter six – Religious fervour
​ Chapter seven – Broken statue in the desert
​ Interlude four – External references
​ Chapter eight – Rural plunder
​ Interlude five – ‘Deserted Village’ words and phrases
​ Chapter nine – Trailing clouds of glory
​ Chapter ten – In conclusion
​ Appendix one – Further reading
​ Appendix two – Keys to Interludes one and two and Chapter three
​ Appendix three – Answers to Interlude three
​ Appendix four – Solutions to Classical and other names
​ Appendix five – ‘Deserted Village’ answers
​ Other recent publications by Rex W Last