The photographs in this gallery were taken in 1952, when I first visited Nuremberg at the age of twelve.
Many of the scenes shown in the gallery feature in Cursing the Darkness...

Pegnitz bridge and the market place

In the foreground, the bridge over the river Pegnitz. Far right, the Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady). In the distance, part of the castle. Note the war damage just before the bridge on the left.
The Sebalduskirche (Church of St Sebald), which was destroyed by bombing, was opposite the Frauenkirche but higher up the hill. It was rebuilt in 1957.

The "Männleinlaufen"

This close-up of the Frauenkirche shows the figure of Karl IV below the clock which was completed in 1509. The mechanical display of the seven electoral princes moving round the Emperor to pay homage to him takes place every day at noon. The German name means "little walking figures" and refers to the statues which process around the Emperor.



The Nuremberg Rallies main stadium

Taken from the Dutzendteich lake, this view shows the main tribune of the huge parade ground where the annual Nazi Party rallies took place. It was a very eerie sensation to stand on the spot, up in the middle of the stadium, where Hitler addressed the faithful.


Taking the tram

Like many German towns and cities, Nuremberg has an extensive tram network. Here a tram stops on the cobbled street of the suburb of Mögeldorf on its route to the Tiergarten (Zoological Gardens) just outside the city.




The castle

Set high on a hill above the city, the medieval castle is an imposing and impressive sight. Particularly unusual are the conical watch towers with their red slate roofs.


Schöner Brunnen

Amongst many other things, Nuremberg is famous for its fountains. This is the "Beautiful Fountain", perhaps the most famous of all. It depicts figures from the days of the Holy Roman Empire, although most tourists are attracted to the two brass rings in the railings round the fountain. If you spin them, they are said to bring good luck.
If you look closely at the bottom of the picture, you can see someone testing out the theory.