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Dementia - what every carer needs to know

To go to this eBook's Amazon page, where you can preview the text for free, or order and download a copy, go to and search for the title.

I am delighted to host this second book written by Bill King (a pseudonym) to keep his identity and that of his wife and relatives confindential.

For an overview of the book, see the YouTube presentation by clicking here.

This follow-up to Parkinsons - the slippery slope to dementia concentrates on two aspects of the caring role which have been sorely neglected. It's a serious subject, which Bill King approaches in a user-friendly manner, seeking to lighten up the mood now and then with a touch of humour.

First, the need for carers to be trained or at least well informed of what lies before them so that they can react appropriately when a crisis large or small arises. Fire protection may be perceived as dull, but it's an awful lot better than cleaning up after a real fire.

Bill King details all aspects of caring, from improving the physical environment of your accommodation to managing food disorders, memory loss, hallucinations, psychosis and more. It's a valuable resource to which the reader can return when any of these 'bumps in the road' occur.

Secondly, carers are sidelined when the awful day dawns for the loved one to enter a nursing or care home. This is a moment of real crisis for the carer, a time of 'anticipatory grief' which can lead to all kinds of mental disorders in the carer themselves. Bill King offers what help and advice is possible in this situation, and stresses the need for the carer to be offered help and assistance in this critical time.

A very good presentation with lots of friendly advice and easily digested facts.