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Distant Cousin

This eBook was due to be published early in 2021 but Covid-19 got in the way. It is on target for release in late 2021. Fingers crossed.

It's a standalone book, the fourth in the series Germans against Hitler. Major Bill Cartwright, in charge of reconstructing the telephone and other comms systems in the devastated city of defeated Berlin, encounters Archie Wellings of the SOE and together they embark on a race against time to prevent a nuclear super-weapon from being launched against the eastern seaboard in America. Hitler had evidently been determined to create one last monster to attack the Allies after his own demise, and the question is, does he succeed in doing so?

Anxious to look to the future and leave the war behind them, no one apart from Churchill is prepared to believe that such a weapon is either feasible or that it and its accompanying systems have actually been constructed. To avoid a spoiler alert, I will only reveal that the weapon is set to attack from an unexpected location and is on automatic countdown after its two operatives die of suffocation in an extension of Hitler's bunker, taking to their deaths the passwords that could unlock and defuse the entire project.

It's another well-plotted, smoothly written yarn with many twists and turns, including Bill enlisting support for their investigations from a gang of Trümmerkinder (children of the ruins) who employ their underground 'caving' skills in the race against time to prevent the weapon from being deployed.

Bill's personal life is turned upside down when he meets Winnie, the 'distant cousin' of the title, whom he assists when she and her mother escape from the Russian zone. Can he find some way through the disastrous situation he finds himself placed in?

In the closing chapters personal fates and the potential destruction of wide swathes of the United States come together in an exciting and unexpected climax.